About us

We're All Your Vacation Planning Needs

Planning a trip is time-consuming, but with our knowledgeable staff, all you'll need to plan is your wardrobe for a getaway vacation.

NEEJ TRAVELS is a unique travel agency based in Rajkot, Gujarat . Known for its customized, luxurious travel packages that never disappoint, NEEJ TRAVELS will help you plan an unforgettable, one-of-a-kind vacation.

What We Offer

Determining your daily budget and travel agenda are two of the most time-consuming elements of travel. Let us do all the work and help you plan a marvelous trip that you deserve:

Daily Budget

It's hard to budget your spending money when on vacation. Let us know how much you'd like to spend, and we'll draft a custom daily allowance just for you. We'll even leave some wiggle room for those times you want to splurge.

Travel Agenda

Want to enjoy your vacation without sticking to a strict agenda? We'll create a flexible travel plan that lets you cancel tours and reservations within 1 hour of their scheduled time.

What We Believe

Travel is not worth it

We believe travel broadens the mind and gives each of us a different perspective on life. Get out and experience the world!

Travel enriches one's life

When you visit a unique destination and culture, you'll become more open to various ways of life!

We can help

With so many places to visit, choosing a travel destination is difficult. Talk to our staff to find out what a location has to offer!

We're the best

When you travel with us, you can trust that we'll take care of you. Our services guarantee you'll have an amazing vacation.